An investment in equities gives the best returns

Invest with Funds India The stock markets delivered 16 per cent annually* over the past 15 years. This makes equity your best bet for growing wealth. And with FundsIndia, it gets even better because you can start investing in equities for free That’s right! You can now enjoy brokerage-free trading when you invest in equities […]

What Is Deficit Financing?

Elaborate what you understand by deficit financing. What do we mean by deficit financing this is a strategy or ways to management of money which when spending is more than collected at the same period of time. In order words this is referred to budget deficit, this approach is used in business that is small, […]

CRISIL agency

Credit Rating and Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL Limited): CRISIL was promoted in 1987 jointly by ICICI and UTI as a public Ltd. company to rate debt instruments. The other promoters are ADD, LIC, GIC, SBI, Housing Finance Development Corporation, several public, private and foreign banks. It commenced rating operations on January 1, 1988. […]


INVESTMENT IS A SACRIFICE OF CERTAIN PRESENT VALUE FOR FUTURE REWARD  Investment is employment of funds with aim of achieving additional income or growth in value.It’s a long term commitment , where essential quality is waiting for a reward.It’s a commitment of resources which have been saved or put away from current consumption in the hope […]

Deficit spending to boost economic growth

What is the economics behind this? Tax cuts increase disposable income and so will increase consumer spending and aggregate demand. Higher demand will lead to increased economic growth, at least in the short-term. Tax cuts boost aggregate demand, leading to higher real GDP. Tax cuts for business increase their retained profit and will enable more […]


Demographic Forces in the Macro Environment Demographic forces relate to people. The name refers to the term Demography. The latter refers to the study of human populations. This includes size, density, age, gender, occupation and other statistics. Why are people important? Because, on the whole, their needs is the reason for businesses to exist. In […]